Oudh & Cedar - Reed Diffuser

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Oudh & Cedar

A heady mix of cardamom and rich woody sandal and cedarwoods on a luscious base of amber, vanilla and tonka bean.

Diffuser description

  • Stylish eco-friendly diffusers
  • Limited Edition Natural willow reeds together with a free pack of eight grey fibre reeds exclusively for Cheshire Quality customers
  • Augeo Multi base, made from renewably sourced eco-soy
  • Petro-chemical free
  • Kraft gift bag made from 100% recyclable paper
  • Size: 100ml, 4-6 month lifespan depending on the reeds used

Diffuser - Instructions for Use

Remove the cork and either set aside to re-use or place it into the waste bin as it is bio-degradable.

You will have two types of reeds to choose from grey fibre reeds and natural willow, select the ones that you prefer.

The willow reeds are natural therefore they are not regular in size or shape. They are denser than normal reeds and absorb less oil meaning that they have less throw but will last longer. They can be treated in much the same way as arranging flowers for a vase, trim any side branches that are unwanted and arrange them by placing them into the diffuser bottle one at a time.

The fibre reeds are made to absorb a lot of fragrance oil, this means that the oil will not last as long but there will be a greater scent throw.

Whichever type of reeds that you select, leave the reeds to absorb the fragranced base oil for at least 24 hours and then, whilst wearing protective gloves, take the reeds out of the bottle and turn them over, placing the dry ends back into the bottle. This will increase the scent throw and should be repeated at least weekly.

You can use more or less reeds to control the amount of fragrance that you require.

For further information please visit our website at www.ethical-me.com.


The liquid base could cause marks to surfaces, so always protect the areas that you work in and wear protective gloves. Clean up spills immediately.