Bees Wax Food Wraps

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  • £15.95

By Rocket Wraps

Handmade here in Cheshire, Rocket Wraps are

eco-friendly, reusable food wraps, launched to help us all do our bit to reduce the use of nasty plastics for food wrapping or storage, which we know is contributing to the destruction of our beautiful planet.

Made from 100% natural ingredients using Cheshire food grade Beeswax,Organic Jojoba Oil, Pine Rosin and Cotton fabric.

Mixed Pack of 3 -L 32x32cm, M 26x26cm, S 18x18cm

How to use:Using the warmth of your hands, mould the wrap around any bowl, jug, cup, lump of cheese, slices of fruit, loaves of bread, vegetables, sandwiches, anything in fact, that you need to keep fresh.

*How to take care of your wraps:Simply wipe clean, or if needed, rinse in cool water with a little soap or mild detergent and let dry naturally. Once dry, your Rocket Wraps are ready to go again.With care, Rocket Wraps can last up to 12 months, after which time you can recycle, compost or even use as a handy fire lighter. Due to the wraps being handmade, there will sometimes be variations in the finish. This should not affect the quality