Sandlewood - Candle

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The deep rich tones of sandalwood create an earthy base for petitgrain which brings sharp green wood and citrus vibes.

Candle description

  • Stylish eco-friendly candles
  • 100% vegetable and biodegradable soy wax
  • Cotton wicks
  • UK made white ceramic pots
  • Kraft gift bag made from 100% recyclable paper
  • Selection of 8 fragrances
  • 50 hours burn time
  • Size: 30CL

Candle Care & Safety

Place your candle on a heat proof surface protecting those that may be easily scratched or damaged.

Allow your new candle to burn for at least 2 hours when lighting for the first time, aiming for the wax to melt all the way to the sides of the container. Wax has a memory and will only ever melt as far as the first time the candle was lit.

If the melt pool has not reached all the way to one of the sides then extinguish the flame, if the wick has curled then carefully trim it to around 5mm, preferably with wick trimmers. Re-centre the wick and relight the candle, this should resolve the issue.

Burn in a well-ventilated room away from drafts.

Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time to ensure that the wick does not build up too much soot, which could cause it to start smoking.

Make sure you stop burning your candle when 1cm of wax is left at the bottom of the container to avoid the base becoming dangerously hot.

To extinguish the flame, you can push the wick down into the melted wax pool or cover the container with a fire proof lid but never blow out the flame. Remove any debris and re-centre the wick.

Before re-lighting you will need to trim the burned part of the wick back down to around 5mm, for efficient burning and reduced smoking.

Soy wax spills can be cleaned up with warm soapy water.

For more information and tips for getting the most from your candle please visit our website