Neon Green - Macrame Plant Hanger

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By Plant and Soul

Handmade macramé plant hangers made from 100% recycled t-shirt yarn, designed and hand knotted in Cheshire. Available in a selection of colours, these plant hangers showcase your favourite plants. Perfect for the plant lovers amongst us who are running out of floor space in their home, your plants can now reach new heights! Hang from hooks... beams... wherever you fancy. You can also rest assured knowing that each hanger is made from offcuts of recycled t-shirt yarn from the fashion industry that would have otherwise gone to waste. Unique, colourful and environmentally friendly.... what's not to love! Dimensions: Our medium hangers are approx. 80cm in length. We find this is the perfect size for your typical room. Our large hangers are approx. 110cm in length. We find these work best in larger rooms or rooms with higher ceilings. Despite these measurements, we are very flexible and also offer bespoke plant hangers that are tailored to you! If you are looking for something in particular (a particular colour or size) then simply get in touch and we can have a chat with you to better understand your requirements. Care: For light stains wipe clean with a warm, damp cloth. For stubborn stains machine wash alone at 30°C. Plant pot measurements:

When purchasing a standalone hanger without a plant pot, please use the following plant pot measurements as a guideline: Medium hanger: Fits a pot of approx. 10cm diameter and 10cm height. Large hanger: Fits a pot of approx. 15cm diameter and 15cm height.